Fish oil manufacturing company

Over 22 years of expertise and excellency in Fish Meal & Fish Oil manufacturing

With most modern integrated plant operated under HACCP management system.

We are Marksmen Aquatic

Delivering across Asia & Europe

Marksmen Aquatic is a leading producer of steam sterilized fish meal and fish oil which are marketed and exported to various dynamic markets across the globe. Our 22 years of industrial expertise along with strict compliance with HACCP management system secured Marksmen Aquatic a competitive edge in raw material procurement, handling, manufacturing, distribution and consumption of the finished product since our foundation in 2000.

Marksmen Aquatic products are promoted by global industry experts who possess a reliable and loyal customer base. Their industry expertise along with the constant analysis and upgradation by the research and innovation team of Marksmen Aquatic granted towards operational optimization and excellency of the company.

Produced from Raw Oily Fish found abundant in Tropical & Sub-tropical oceans

We have redefined the quality in fish meal and fish oil manufacturing

Fish Oil

Fish Oil is the fat or oil that is extracted while screw pressing raw fish during the production of Fish Meal. It usually comes from oily fish, such as herring, tuna, anchovies, and mackerel and livers of other fish.

Fish Meal

Fish meal is a thick powder obtained from cooking, pressing, drying and grinding raw fish. Fish meal is a rich protein source, and is used as an ingredient in feedstuffs in the aquaculture, dairy and poultry industries.

Our Specilization

Marksmen Aquatic is specialized in methodical raw material procurement, systematic manufacturing and delivery of sterilized fish meal and fish oil with strict compliance to HACCP management system. Our global network of promoters are the key stakeholders who expanded our market across the globe since our foundation in 2000. Their expertise and customer network assisted in streamlining our supply chain efficiently that delivered our products to customers on time at reasonable price.