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Fish Meal

Fish meal is a thick powder obtained from cooking, pressing, drying and grinding raw fish. Fish meal is a rich protein source, and is used as an ingredient in feedstuffs in the aquaculture, dairy and poultry industries. We offer steam sterilized fish meal produced from either sardine, sardinella or shrimps sourced from coastal areas of Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal and Namibia, where these raw materials are caught abundantly.

The raw material is evaluated by the QA team before loading it on the metal detector and screw conveyor that moves the fish lot to the cooking chamber. It is then pressed between screw conveyors to squeeze the liquid out of it before drying and powdering it to make the product ready for final QA check and packaging. The crude protein specifications cover the range from 42% to 66%. We have been supplying the steam sterilized fish meal to the dynamic markets in India, Turkey and various other Asian countries.